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EurospecUncoated Spectacles Clear Lens

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Eurospec Scratch Resistant Spectacles Grey Lens

  • Eurospec grey smoke lens

  • Anti-scratch

  • Black frame

  • Nylon / Polycarbonate frame

  • Polycarbonate lens

  • Frame thickness 2.2mm

  • Optical class 1

  • Shade scale number 5-3.1

  • Mechanical strength F(45m/s)

  • Standard EN 166:2002

Direct Mesh Vent Goggles

  • Wide vision polycarbonate lens

  • PVC frame

  • Frame thickness 1.8mm

  • Optical class 1

  • Shade scale number 2C-1.2

  • Mechanical strength B(120m/s)

  • Standard EN 166:2002


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